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Hello Everyone,

Please take some time and send in your annual dues.

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Fairfax Cricket Club

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Grand Theft '13 - T20 Cricket

Grand Theft ’13 - T20 Cricket

FCC boys can decide which side of the PUNDITS they wish to operate from, and can accordingly choose from a variety of outcome they can perform on a given day. Yesterday, it was truly a grand theft ’13 done in style. Now the WCL pundits (cops) will come back again at us firing bullets by prematurely making UMBC the favorites. One more time FCC boys will go there cool and calm, put the keys in the ignition and speed away like in the most recently sighted Bugatti in the Reston town Center. This time the grand theft was with the guns and not a knife, FCC prepared the battle with the guns in that a formidable team was on the ground to take on the runs challenge.

FCC beats the PUNDITS

They have written us off. They have pronounced the sad early demise ofFCC season and its chances of playoff spot. They have started talking that FCC is no longer a threat on a given weekend day.

 But, then, it is not all TRUE.

FCC boys got together on Saturday last against a threatening mercurylimit and a well-knit Ceylonese team and proved the pundits wrong.

Culture and Tradition

Fairfav VS Pakistan Match Report ( Reported by AJ Parikh)

Fairfax Cricket Club (FCC) v Pakistan, Washington Cricket League, Division 1, Lake Fairfax Park

They ‘fought’ till the end but the ‘fair’ team won

The Report by Aj Parikh

June 9, 2013

FCC 151 for 8 beat Pakistan 149 all out (Raman 5-40)

Pakistan won the toss and chose to bat

Game 1: Fairfax v/s Taurids ( Report by AJ Parikh)

40 Overs League.

Game 1: Fairfax v/s Taurids

Result: Taurids won by 9 wickets (According to WCL method)

            Very often we have heard that scorecard doesn’t tell us the whole story and the first game for Fairfax was pretty much like that. After 3 weeks of rest and conquering the 20 over league conference, Fairfax was looking forward to extend its winning run. It took the Taurids team an injured player, a girl substitute on the field replacing another player (who got stuck at the airport) and rain gods to defeat Fairfax.

Match Report by AJ- Metro 1st Game of season 2013

20 League Match - 1: Fairfax v/s Metro : Fairfax won by 29 runs.

Fairfax : 76/6 in 20 overs
Metro : 47/ 10 in 16 overs


Welcome to the 2013 season

40-40 Season End for Fairfax Cricket Club

Dear FCC team Members,

On behalf of team Management i would like to Thank each and every member who has contributed this season for 40-40 season/games. We are very proud to have you all on board and would like to have same sort of committment in future as this team belongs to you all.

With this, we are at the end of our 40-40 season ,it is bit disappointing that we did not make it to play offs but we have very good team who is much more capable to compete coming years and am very confident about it.

Kunal Parikh - Milestone - 1000 runs in WCL

Congratulations to Kunal Parikh on reaching 1000 runs in wcl. You are a wonderful asset and the backbone of Team FCC. We wish you all the best and looking forward for your continued success in your endeavors!


Youth Cricket

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Registration for the summer cricket youth league is now open. Please share these links with family and friends who may be interested in participating in the league. Registration is free! . THE REGISTRATION FORM IS REQUIRED FOR PARTCIPATION IN WCL EVEN IF YOU HAVE PREVIOUSLY FILLED OUT YOUR CONTACT FORM . Registration will close on June 7,2012.
PLAYER REGISTRATION: Click link below. You must complete the waiver and form to particpate


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