Zolon Chargers’s Discharged…

Zolon Chargers’s Discharged… FCC registers their third win for the season.

Yatin n Karachi Express expressed the FCC bowling strength on almost a summer-look-alike day.  Yatin took five-for and KE missed five-for by 1. They were in neck to neck hunt for wickets taken in the only 15 overs bowled by FCC. The last nail on the Zolon coffin was hammered by Kap K.

FCC Man of the Match:  Yatin K

Chance to Play for Pride

Availability looked healthy twice in a row.  It was a big headache for Kap K to choose the playing 11.  He had hard time given that so many seniors were wanting to play, yet, he choose few newbie to have a good look at them.  The message to the ones that did not play this match and sit out is that, you all will get a look at, just make sure; you come and shine bright when you get that opportunity.  Even the playing 11 is heavily tight with batting spots at great competition.  Yet, like Sadak bhai said, we are EEO club in that all batsmen get equal opportunity to bat. We are known for losing 10 wickets time and again. Dr. D will be back soon to give some headaches to Kap K and his batting line up J.


 Old horse Mr. Sadak bhai plays a gritty long innings withstanding sun and the spin attack of course. He hit 3 fours in the early part of the innings. He was driving the ball with caution right from the first over which augured well for FCC as the opening partnership between V and him was worth 29 runs in six overs. Sadak bhai made 31 valuable runs. Three quick wickets fell after V was undone by a delivery that almost could be termed as a shooter.  Kiri Kiri was promoted to One down and he was given LBW out.  Ashwin was promoted to 2-down. He looked solid until he gave a catch to a long on drive that carried no further than mid-on.  There was no pace in the wicket to drive and make runs. Apart from Sadak bhai the other major contributors were Kap K playing a not out innings of 17 runs and Kalyan 10 runs.


Catches win matches and FCCians know that very well.SID, the NKOTB takes a stunner of a catch at point.  I am sure that this catch met any ODI standards. Vishy takes another brilliant one at the same fielding position.  At the execution of these two catches, the facial after reaction of the batsmen told the entire story in a short mini second time. FCC prides in their fielding and on this day we did not let ourselves down. Yatin took a C&B. Even Vidhyarthi took a very difficult running catch at mid-on.

Still Miles to go

Top five batsmen need to carry until 35 overs and par.  We have some tough cookies to handle in June and July.  Matches against rejuvenated Baltimore, champions ICC and cocky Titans is the line up of matches to come after Kensington.  Batsmen need to score big runs.  I would like to see some repeat 50s and possibly 100s when grass dries down a bit and pitches start favoring the batsmen.

Winning against defending small totals and chasing huge targets is what separates the champions from others.  Let us  do the other way around when we get a chance.

Bowlers need to keep working on not giving extras. They need to maintain tight line and thus create room for error. Wicket taking balls need to be delivered in between.  Karachi looks like his great past these days.  We need to support him by taking catches.



Yatin and Waqas. Great Bowling Performance. Congrats to Kunal for cleaning up the last and nagging wicket. Excellent catches. Especially the ones by Yatin (caught and bowled), SID (diving catch), Vishy and Ashwin. Rajeev, great wicket keeping. Our team Batting still needs to score more runs just like our first game :)... Score 200+ every game.