Team Against Toucans- 08th June Lake Fairfax

Again, this is an important game and must be won at any course. We need to be very disciplined in our actions and we must definitely win this game and set the right path for the FCC's future in this season. Please arrive at 11:15 AM to the ground.
Ground Setting up responsibilities:   Praveen, Sri, Srinath and Vinit
Clearing up the cones responsibilities: Aj, Dheeraj, Sudhakar, Prasad
Below are the assignment for drinks:

George: Water
AJ:     Gatorade
Dheeraj: Bananas

For this40-40 games we will need in whites. Let us WIN guys!!! Here's the team:

1) Kunal
2) Anurag
3) Vinit
4) AJ

5) Prasad
6) Sri
7) George
9) Srinath
10) Dheeraj

11) Sudhakar.