See ya CCC

See ya CCC

I am pretty sure that the FCCians checked weather website or weather channels leading to the match day on Sunday. It turned out to defy the forecasters inasmuch as FCC did to CCC.

Our fight with the peeps from other side of the Arabian ocean has almost always been too close to call. Last season,in a low scoring match, we won the first match with 1 wicket when Vidyarthi hit the winning shot. Later in the season we lost the reverse match by 9 wickets in Hyattesville, thus, allowing them not to relegate to Div II.

Clearly, we needed to change the results this season. So we did!

The senior's presence was heavily felt. Availability do matter!

Freshly minted kaptain, Kiri Kiri was very vocal after experiencing his fist loss in Dulles last week. His eyes and heart seem to say that he did not want to relive that experience again. I liked seeing him gain more stature and impose. It bodes well for the future of FCC.

Coach and the writer happened to share a ride to the match. They talked about the past and the future of FCC, and, in between purchased 5 bags of sandbag from Home Depot to be in the present. Sadak bhai, Kiri Kiri and bunch of new comers made sure that pitch and bowling area were

preped up well.

The sun came out with a big smile. The dark clouds gave way to happier clouds and it all looked merry for the cricketers who were hooked on to weather channels :)

Ravi Yarlagadda the umpire in chief delayed the proceedings by 30 minutes. CCC won the toss and put us to bat. Match was reduced to 37 overs.

Sadak bhai and V opened. They played with circumspect and paid appropriate respect to the playing conditions. The grass in the outfield was as thick as marshes off of NJTP. Playing good shots did not yield any 4s or 6s, but rather made the batsmen be more conscious about running for 2 runs or NO, in that, the ball would stop by itself in the thick grass. Getting run out was written all over coz of outfield.

Opening pair negotiating the storm with aplomb. They put in close to 50 runs in 10 overs when Sadak bhai lost his wicket. Writer went in next.Writer and V pulled the score to 96 when Mr. Chief gave a wrong LBW decision to send Writer take a long unnecessary walk back. The ball pitched outside off and turned huge hitting writer at the top of the back-leg thigh. WCL Umpiring standard SUCKS says the writer :)

Coach V went 2nd down. The very next over after the Writer got out,  V was given LBW to a yorker length ball. V played a cameo of an innings under the conditions to put 34 valueable runs. He ran hard for runs and made sure bad balls were punished. Some of his shots were breathtaking at the very least and I enzoied being the closest spectator to his surgical blade work.

Coach V and Subu were two new bat at the crease. Subu was caught out after few overs and soon Coach V lost his wicket to inside out shot which was well taken at covers. And so the bandwagon of wickets started falling and FCC bunch which were partying at the pavilion few overs ago were suddenly in deep solemn. Mr. Straight, Mrunal, Subu,Karachi Express, Kiri Kiri got out within a span of 5 overs. We were staring at last wicket partnership between Kalyan and Yatin with well over 8 overs left.

K and Y batted awesome to make sure we utilized all overs possible. At one point of time, Writer was the leg umpire who was found giving K a big loud lecture saying this is not HOW YOU BAT. You bat with "jigar" and K took a good note of it and whacked some good shots. I was impressed with the writer :) Y also played some aerial shots to bring in much-needed runs.

FCC finished with 148 runs.

It was a good total but not a well par total. We should have gotten at least 170/180 with the start we got and the way we pivoted at 25 overs mark. Not to be. Lesson again is that when two good batsmen are set, one should carry on when the other gets out. It really does not matter how many overs are left, you only attack in last 5 overs. Period!

FCCians huddled during the innings break. They had a consensus - this is our ground, beat CCC it is.Karachi and Y opened the bowling unit. The wicket fell to a great run out from Sadak bhai. We had long drought of wicket for the 2nd wicket in which we managed to drop four/five catches. Not a typical FCC ground working days it was.

CCC bat were going at 4 runs and over. They were 56 runs at 13 over break with 9 wickets left. At 16 overs they were over par if rain halted the play.

Slow ball options worked for FCC. V and Coach V bowled tight line and started taking wickets. V bowled a very tight line and Coach foxed the batsmen with varied deliveries. On a drizzling day this was the right most tactics that worked for FCC. V took three wickets and Coach two.

The sun went to sleep and dark clouds took the charge. It did not look like that match would continue. But it did continue till the end. Mr. Chief did not stop the play when he should have. There were periods of soaking rain but still match went on. CCC were few runs behind in most of their chase if rain were to halt the proceedings.

Some of the mentionable catchers were, Sadak bhai at deep slip, Kalyan at midwicket, Subu at point {brilliant one}, Coach at long off.

Coach took the winning catch.

Kalyan got the danger-man Sameera out. Mr chief gave a wrong LBW decision again to send Geroge of CCC take a long hike.

FCC won by 19 runs. It was a payback time indeed.

We are 2 and 1 now. I see it being 3 and 1 next Sunday when we play against highly-sponsored Zolon guys. We need seniors to show up and we need to give some new faces a match chance. Like Kaptain said, it is a performance-based selection at FCC and nothing else. So, let us all strive to compete within ourselves and contribute to one single cause - THE FCC WIN!

The Writer