Season Warmer – Water is on the Kettle now, or, is it?

FCC boys registered their first thumping win of the season at Green Soccerplex ground against the Elitist. The bourgeois were beaten flat and square on a green wicket that WCL president is all go-go and ga-ga over.
The bourgeois won the toss and batted first.  The commoners (FCC) helped them like bhai-bhai, not by force, but by will, in gifting wides and singles in plentiful to aid in their total of 155 runs.  Apart from the tight spell from Mr. V and Mr. Prasad {first change with control over the ball}, none of the other bowlers left a big mark.  Quite a few sixes, I am assuming more than 8 or 9 were hit in their innings. The fielding was less than desirable and the catching even more so.  The writer chooses not to cover for the first innings details to upkeep the morale of the bowlers keeping in mind that this bowling performance should not be reproduced if FCC boys want to make themselves count this season. Having said that, there were some positives.  KE took a regulation catch at long off, Coach took two in the outfield. One of them was flat running catch. Mr. V took a sharp one at fly slip and the Writer had two witty run outs to pride on.
The playing 11 included a new face.  Sudhakar. He bowled very well in his first ever FCC spell.  Moving forward, he will be known as “Ramwas”. For the curios, it is secret between him and me J
Now cometh the much awaited scribe; the batting innings.  It all started with Kap K and ended in Kap K, with the middle part including all of Kap k.
The writer was asked, “opening  karega kya” at the innings break. Writer thought to himself, gosh, have not hold a bat in last half a dozen months, should I, should I not? But gathering that Mr. V or Coach were feeling equally the same way, I decided, I am going to try the spot for the team, if not for myself alone.  I asked Kap K who is going to take the strike as we ambled along to the middle. He responded “ tujhee kya lagta hai,” I said, let me take the strike. Thus began the most prolific opening stand for FCC that the writer recalls in last so many seasons playing for FCC. It felt great to be a part in it.
Kap K played a handsome knock of 78 runs studded with sixes and fours that one gets to see in IPL like standard.  Since the writer was in the most comfortable seat to enjoy the scene, he was able to notice subtle improvisation of his body balance and stances as he prepared to play his shots. Some cover drives were breathtaking while some of the of the  leg whips sailed over the ropes with silken ease.  He took on one particular bowler taking advantage of the wind direction, hitting him for 4, 6, 4 in three consecutive balls. 
The opening stand was for 118 runs.  The score at 6 over mark was 50 runs.  Somehow, in the middle when Mr. Prasad was replaced by x for leg umpiring, Kap K and I were mistaken that 8 overs were left instead of 8 overs were bowled.  And the next three overs, we played as if we needed 70 odd runs in 40 odd balls.  The misinformation could have been costly and we could have lost both our wickets trying to up the ante.  I would like to ask the leg umpire or whosoever passing the run/over figures to be precise and be realistic.  You cannot jeopardize the potential result of the match by misguiding guys in the middle with the wrong information please!
Coach and Mr. V got a little knocking time in the middle. Both of them looked in good form, as we need loads of run from these warhorses as season progresses.
Mr. V hit a fine over the point 4 to seal the winning runs.
Not to be unmentioned, DBA, Shak, AJ showed up for moral support.  DBA lives a stone's throw away from the ground, yet, he forgot to bring the biryani for the team, therefore, the need of the hour after win was that few guys ended up having a delicious biryani at the Biryani Point.  It was Mehmood bhai's birthday and a day after Kap K's birthday that the team celebrated together.
Next week, we play back to back matches.  The one against Baltimore @ Woodmore is supposed to be more tougher one says Shak.  We play Potomac the champions of last year’s Div II as well.Like Nik has mentioned, we need full strength team for both the matches.  Please try and make both days free if not one.
Let us build on this kettle of water, let us add some cinnamon, sugar and milk till we get the final product at the end of the season in a cup, will we please?