Karachi Express and FCC bounce back with a big bang!

After a very disastrous outing at Williamwrit where FCC only lost in papers, but, won the match handsomely defending 146 runs, it was about time the boys gave it back to the Cricket Gods and the  Biased Umpiring.  Karachi Express { KE }, although, not the member of that unjust match, had a point or two to prove. And he did is smashingly built on 5 towering sixes that deserved 12 runs instead of 6.  The Mauritian fielders at the boundary exclaimed in awe while the FCC boys rejoiced in the fact that we got our mojo back for clinical slam bang finishing touch to an innings.  Thanks KE. 

 After winning toss, to the dismay of Kiri Kiri {smile}, we choose to bat.  The writer along with Prasad went into face some swing tune in the middle. The opening stand was worth close to 30 runs when a disaster struck. Quick 3 wickets fell down within a space of less than a dozen ball.  Both the openers and KapK warmed the pavilion benches while Singhisking and the little fella { Sai } worked on rebuilding the innings.  Both of them batted with utmost discipline to carry over FCC almost close to 30 overs without losing any further wickets. Little fella scored 19 and Singhisking scored 28 valuable runs that was built upon patience and selflessness of unique stature. Well done boys!

Again came another disaster where FCC lost 5 quick wickets in the space of 4 overs between the 29th and the 32nd.   After the loss of Little Fella and Singhisking,  Gary bhai, Munna bhai and Jeeva lost their wickets without troubling the scorer much. Suddenly, FCC were 8 down with 118 runs on the board at the end of 32nd over.  Then comes the big bang bus.

KK and KE took the bowlers to the cleaners. And they did it in style.  KK broke my fav bat in the process which I did not mind much L .  KE reminded the sparse crowd the 70 runs and MOM innings of the championship finals against UMBC .  He just could not be contained.  The sixes were all clean and were all over the park on either side of the wicket.  He scored 61 quick runs while KK was undefeated on 27. FCC scored healthy 203 with 2 wickets in hand.  Gerogie boy was disappointed that he did not get a chance to whack his old friends. But, I made sure I made his day sharing my ripe “mango” to cool him down. No doubt, that had he opted to go in there before KE, he would have created the same sort of havoc, if not lesser J

Every time we score 200 plus, our bowling and fielding is well capable of defending it,  as opposed to scoring 120 or 140 and struggle all the way. This was a day where bowlers and fielders had some leeway and less pressure to deal with.  And it showed in our bowling performance.  Munna bhai and PT opened the bowling innings as KE was wee bit tired.  Munna bhai was able to bowl good line and length not giving away his regular quota of someteen wides J He drew the first blood taking out the opener caught behind on a pacy ball that beat the openers square cut.  KE brought the 2nd breakthrough on a sharp return catch. Kap K got a vital one as always on a LBW decision.  KK took some as well.  One off a beautiful leg break, that batsman had no clue about. Sai bowled well and Jeeva had a good outing on the filed and off the field where he learned that he has become a business man, thanks kapk.  Way to go KapK to utilize the power for a good cause. You rise and shine as a leader on that.  Hope you do listen to your denizens to make it even better?

KE took some regulation catches by his high standards.  Singhisking took one good one in the mid wicket.  Catching quality was just at par, as couple went down which should not have?

FCC won by 70 odd runs.  This was an empathetic win that brought us at 0.5 for the season.  Next we play Baltimore. I am sure as we go on the roll, we should be able to win most of the remaining matches. We need better batting to achieve that.  We need to “believe” that each wicket and partnership matters.  A times top four will click, at times the rest four will click and if not at times last four will click. The bare fact is that some of us have to click on one given weekend day. If not, then we are putting loads of pressure on the “defense” which probably is 2nd best to “one” particular team in Div 1.  They lost their match yesterday, hope, it was not the umpiring J

One match at a time, one win at a time, let us head to the #trophy together.



The writer



DBA had a missed call on my mobile. It must be the bad back, or, not really!

Someone did not show up, so Jeeva had to show up. And therefore, Jeeva deserved to be treated like a king in a business class flight.  Small wonders of life I say.

Shak, he exactly left the park, when team USA was on the air against Portugal.

Nik, MIA when Shak was looking around.  Gross miscommunication it seems.

V, gotta get back in the greens man! Missing keeping to the balls that makes the whole world wonder what is next?

Coach, missed out loads when KK was more stupidier than ever. I  tried keeping up with him *wink*


Thank you for a well crafted article Rajeev. You narrated the showdown very well. Thank You!

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