ICC breaks the FCC winning streak in a thriller

The saying goes victory has many fathers, and, the defeats are orphan. This did not hold water on Sunday, May 4th @ lake Fairlakes cricket ground when arch rivals ICC came to pay a visit to FCC boys. Only that the new ICC make up was far from what the older one was. Only one senior member from the past showed up and the rest were young 20s something lads who played with vim and vigor to snatch away a victory in the penultimate ball of the 20th over.

As they say, the sadness brings everyone together. And so was the case when everyone jumped to make Kiri Kiri feel better who braved third time in a row to chance his arm with 20th over of the FCC innings. Two times it was a charm, the third it was not.  T20 is a devilish game which at times spins around its head as if it is on a roulette table and finds either a black or a red on its own.  In the process, one  team is left behind ruing the result and figuring what went wrong. And few individuals who feel far worse to have taken the spot light on the losing side. So was the case with Kiri Kiri on this fateful cricketing day.  Rest assured, the team backed him up in full in words and whatsapp J

FCCian Coach won the toss. Kapk decided to bat.  The writer along with Kapk opened the batting. The wind was blowing hard- the newly laid green behaving like a Formula 500 track, quickly snapped both the openers in consecutive balls – the last of the 2nd over and the first of the 3rd over. The wreckers were Taha and Obeid who incidentally scored the runs for ICC to win the match. It was a picture perfect day for the two.

Rebuilding was left for Coach and PT who both braved all the swing and the pace to bring the score to total of 27 when PT lost his wicket.  Coach continued playing with poise and precise and remained not out with 28 individual runs out of total of 104 that FCC managed playing all the allotted 20 overs. Georgie boy scored 11 and Kiri Kiri contributed 13 who were the only other two apart from coach in double figures. Sai played a good knock but gave away his wicket when trying to negotiate the run rate.FCC has not seen this sort of batting display in a long, long time. And I am sure that this will not repeat again in any of the upcoming matches this season.

Defending the low total FCC boys really bowled well.  DBA in his comeback showed the rest of the new FCC boys who is the swing king in the team.  He moved the ball in arms length.  Sabin Sundar had no idea how to play those balls.  DBA has always taken key wickets and this time he did not disappoint either.  Both DBA and Jersey Express bowled their full quota of 8 overs in a trot. They were able to take 3 key wickets in the first just the first four overs.  The ICC score was 6 runs, 3 wickets at the end of 4th over. DBA stats read 4 overs, 4 wickets and 13 runs. Jersey Express read 4 overs, 1 wicket and 6 runs. Both of them were unplayable.  The other bowlers who chanced their arms included PT, KE, KapK, Kiri Kiri and Georgie Boy. Georgie boy also took a stunner in the short mid wicket which showed how valuable an asset he is with the bat, the ball and the fielding.

They were able to build some partnerships and get over the finish line when 9 was required d of the last over.  

All in all it was a great game where cricket won. FCCians were humbled as well as given a reality check. This might just be what the doctor ordered, since, we still have 2 more matches left for T20 and long T40 season ahead of us.  Winning one of the remaining two T20as, qualifies us to the playoffs,  winning both assures us # 1 spot, in all probability. NIK should know better :)

Next match is against Metro on the mother’s day.  I am hopeful that a full strength team would show up and show how FCCians bounce back from defeat. Ajay, it was nice to see you after a long time. You should show up in the bowling line up as it is a matting wicket :)

In FCC both the defeats and victories have many a fathers. That is what I saw when all hands went up in helping Kiri Kiri negotiate the setback.  That is what we saw when we concluded that match was lost when batting and when not defending.  That is what I will see when we go back and bring two consecutive wins in the next two weeks!!!



The writer.

N.B  Please do not hesitate to leave your feedback and remarks that will make my write up more meaningful next time around.


Rajeev, well written narrative of what went down on the weekend. personally, these kinda losses don't bother me much as we went down fighting till the last ball. As you said you win some you lose some. This is just a gentle kick in the rear that warns against complacency. The fighting spirit will take the team deep into the playoffs in both formats. Lets keep doing what we do best on the field. Good job with the gloves mate!