Grand Theft '13 - T20 Cricket

Grand Theft ’13 - T20 Cricket


FCC boys can decide which side of the PUNDITS they wish to operate from, and can accordingly choose from a variety of outcome they can perform on a given day.  Yesterday, it was truly a grand theft ’13 done in style. Now the WCL pundits (cops) will come back again at us firing bullets by prematurely making UMBC the favorites.  One more time FCC boys will go there cool and calm, put the keys in the ignition and speed away like in the most recently sighted Bugatti in the Reston town Center. This time the grand theft was with the guns and not a knife, FCC prepared the battle with the guns in that a formidable team was on the ground to take on the runs challenge.

Back to the reality - On a crisp fall noon, FCC boys played like a champion team, to make it to the T20 Finals. First time in the history of this club we are playing finals.  We have played many a conference finals, but never the league finals. I vividly remember some T20s ones. One against Dulles and one against Titans few years back. Now those teams are shining stars of PD. We are not, but, we can get there again is what I believe.

We are assured of the silverware and more so of the recognition in WCL that is long overdue. Let us be proud of this achievement and build upon it.  It is time we believe in ourselves and back each other as ONE team under FCC umbrella.

Urbana won the toss and opted to bat first.  KE and AJ opened the innings.  In the first five balls itself, Urabana had lost two quick wickets courtesy KE.  Their third wicket partnership was a rebuilding effort in which one solid life was given behind the wickets to a batsman who eventually scored 50+ runs.  Third wicket was broken when their score was in the 40s when KapK took a blinder in the covers in Sri’s bowling.  Their 4th and 5th wicket partnership yielded good runs and they were at 60 plus runs at 10 over mark.  FCC boys kept a tight leash on the field.  They took catches and attempted run outs.  At one point FCC was staring at 140 or more to chase, but amazing catches outside the 30 yards kept them to a manageable 126 in 19.3.  Thing to be noted is that not a single bowled was in the column.  FCC took 9 catches and effected one stumping. FCC gave away handful of extras by the bowlers. Had the 3rd wicket catch be taken, I am sure Urbana would not have scored more than 80 or 90 runs.

FCC chase started brilliantly with Oozie and Saadak bhai.  Oozie slammed some fours and kept the run rate in check.  The first wicket was Saadak bhai’s to fall at 30 odd runs.  Mr. V went in and played a cameo of a knock scoring 22 runs. The score was 70 runs at the end of 10 overs.  Mr. V and OOzie got out in quick succession, leaving KapK and PT in the middle.  Both of them rotated the strike and took sharp singles and carried it until the 16th over.  PT was the next one to fall, upon which accelerator KE was applied.  KE got retired hurt upon which Writer stepped in the 19th over.  Towards the latter half of the chase, 36 balls 43 runs required was the equation.  And in that 15th over itself, it read 35 balls 36 runs required.  PT ran two runs in no ball and slammed a 4 off the free strike.  Overall it was a great chase in cool and calmness since Kapk was in the middle and exactly knew what to do.  There were several lives given to our batsman. Had Urbana taken those chances, the chase would have been as fluent as it eventually happened to be.



In the following paragraph I would like to highlight the brilliance of some of the individuals that made the WIN possible. Having said, I would like to point that this was a total TEAM effort.  All the FCC Boys played their best and put up a great fight.  EVERYONE did their part and therefore a WIN was secured under FCC’s belt.

Karachi Express- Stunning first bowling spell, he was able to put the ball in the  nagging length, moving in and away  There were two caught behind in the first over itself.  He also took the decisive – running catch of Tushar {who  scored 50 plus } at long off which was nothing less than a miracle.  He batted well when Kap K brought him in to up the ante.  Unfortunately, he got injured twice. I am sure, he will be fit and fine for the Finals. Yes!

AJ- Awesome catches.  Two running catches in the covers were just amazing.  We now have someone of Karachi’s ability in the outfield.  He also took a sharp return catch off the first ball of his second spell. AJ was pumped up and brought lots of zeal into FCC team. That is what is needed. Young guns who play with passion.

OOzie- Outstanding all round performance.  The left arm bowling was almost unplayable. The batting was equally stupendous.  I felt like I was watching a true first class batsman.  He picked the ball at wish and dispatched it all over the ground.  The 4 fours he hit were all clean and exquisite. He added valuable 26 quick fire runs at the top of the order that gave FCC the cushioning to anchor the innings in the 2nd part of the chase.

Mr. V-   Excellent batting innings as in business as casual  He made more than run a ball 22 that shaped the FCC run chase.  He hit two massive sixes.  One flat one over the long on was a treat to see.  One off the leg was equally impressive.  V got a wicket as well when bowling.  It was unfortunate that the end he was bowling from had runs written all over.  Reducing the speed of the ball would have been advisable under those conditions. The wind blowing hard meant that even a gentle middle of the bat connection, travelled over the boundary.  When FCC were batting, we did not get blessed with the charmed wind

Kap K-  Yet again, third of the all round performer for the day.  He came in as 6th bowler making sure that last 5 overs of  the bowling innings was under wings.  He took 3 wickets were AJ aided him with two wonderful running catches and one other amazing one at the boundary thanks Karachi Express. Kap K played the brilliant captain’s knock as well, carrying the team all the way to victory with unbeaten 20 plus.  The way he carried the innings, it was no less than MSD’s calm and composure.  He also took a stunning catch at the cover. The ball was hit like a missile but there was an anti-missile in the way; Kap K J

Srinath-  I saw him bowl first time for FCC.  I was more than impressed is what I feel. He put all six balls of his over in one spot outside the off stump on 4th and 5th wicket. This meant that batsman had to manufacture something to score runs.  So, tried one good batsman and was sharply caught in the covers by KapK.  The wicket was a product of awesome length Sri was working.  I believe Sri took one catch as well, if I am not wrong.

All the rest members contributed. Saadak bhai took a slip catch. I was effective in causing three dismissals. And PT bowled couple of tight overs.

Also in the contributors list were Gary bhai who came with his personal gloves just for me. Mrunal, who gave throw downs and catching practice to the team with a broken finger { he has been fingering a lot it seems}, Shaq -  the nervous bystander, and Manish - late arrival supporter.

NOW is the time to enjoy this wonderful feeling - Victorious Monday. And again NOW is the time to start preparing for the next and final hurdle.  It will be nice to see a huge FCC turnout in the availability pooling as well as witnesses to the finals. All the playing 11 need moral and physical support from everyone who believes in FCC.

If you just play with as much vigor and focus as played the last match, I am sure, we will give the pundits a reason to retire.

Grand Theft Finale is in the making. It will be released coming weekend. Come join for the spectacular show.


The Writer

On behalf of FCC.