Final 11- Against Taurids- 22June.Lake Fairfax Reston


Good to see such high availability for the game. Team has been selected keeping in mind the balance and performance. We still have long way to go and i assure all of the team members to atleast play 4 games to qualify to play offs.

Players selected for playing 11 needs to make sure to perform else will be dropped. Please take your positions seriously as lots of committed players are available.

Players Dropped: Vinit/ Praveen Patlolla/Jeeva/Jay Desai/Sudhakar/Akhil.

Vinit- Has been dropped as one of senior player due to performance. Praveen/Sudhakar ( Just part of rotation)

Akhil - I wil 100% make sure to play you next FEW games as i havent still given you any 40 -40 games. Jeeva/Jay will definately getting you more games coming onwards so please keep patience and you will play lot with FCC.

All needs to be at ground 1115 AM. Guys very important to make sure you are on time else you have high chances of getting dropped next games due to not maintaining team discipline.

Ground Set UP: Rajeev/Mrunal/Sai/Srikalyan/Gary

After Game: Anurag/Prasad/George/Waqqas/Srinath.

Guys please take your place seriously and play according to the responsibility given as we have big roaster and players are awaiting chances. IF YOU DONT PEROFRM YOU WILL BE DROPPED.

Again, All are getting enough games to play i can assure you that.

Water:      Srinath
Gatorade: Anurag
Bananas: Prasad

Below are the final 11:

1) Kunal
2) Rajeev
3) Anurag
4) Prasad
5) Gary
6) Sri Kalyan
7) Sai
8) Mrunal
9) Goerge
10) Waqqaas
11) Srinath