Final 11 against metro- 13 July.

Dear FCC Team,

Please all make sure to be at ground no later by 11 15 AM. Please be sure to leave accordingly. Each time when their is game at Metro we are always late so please be on ground by 11 15 AM.  We don't want to lose the toss cos of players not arriving on time at ground.

Whosoever has cooler please make sure to bring it without any excuse as it will be hot day and we would need ICE.
Every game now onwards we will have assignees who will take care of team KIT and Cooler which i will declare before the game.

If anyone has team kit/keeping gloves/pads please make sure to hand it to someone who is in playing 11.

Rotation: Garybhai/Sudhakar/Rajeev will be given next game so make sure to be available next game.

Guys again who are not performing please stand up with your performance else you will be dropped next game.

Jay desai: Please make sure to be in white. Welcome to FCC.

Metro Ground Address you can get from


Team Kit: After Game will be taken by AJ.
Cooler: Sri Kalyan/ Small KIT which you already have.
Scorebook: George will be responsible for it.

Gatorade: Vinit
Water: George.
Bananas/Ice: Anurag

Final 11:

1) Kunal
2) Prasad
3) Anurag
4) Vinit
5) Jay desai
6) AJ
7) Akhil
8) Sai
9) George
10) Mrunal
11) Sri kalyan.