Final 11 Against Jamaica- June 15 Williamwirt


Please make sure to leave home early as the game is at Williamwirt. Please plan to arrive no later than  11.15-11.30 AM on Sunday 15th June.

Guys, who so ever are assigned duties please make sure to bring accordingly as we are running out water/gatorade/bannas before game. It is hot day and we need refershments for the game.

Field Address:

Riverdale MD


Water:      Kunal
Gatorade: Rajeev
Bananas: Mrunal

Below are the final 11:

1) Kunal
2) Rajeev
3) Vinit
4) Anurag
5) George
6) Sri Kalyan
7) Jeeva
8) Mrunal
9) Dheeraj
10) Praveen
11) Sudhakar