FCC stifles Kensington

FCC ALL THE WAY!!! We won with a style!!! SWEET WIN! 10 Years of Vengeance Comes to an End...FCCians showed these lil kengs what we are all upto n went with a straight head n a positive attitude n won the game so well, as a team n as a powerful opposition that any WCL team would hv to re-think before entering into our arena OR for that matter face us here after...

Life is so good after this game. It all started with 12 FCCians showing up a great spirit on a cloudy Sunday Afternoon what magic that they can do to show the world that we r back in the point table with a bang.

Sri won the TOSS by default as Kengs didnt show up in full count until 12 n FCC opted for BATTING. Vishy n Saadat opened the innings with a killer instinct but the partnership couldnt sustain long with a blow at 6 for 1, when Saadat tried a long shot n had a thick edge to point. Darn it, should hv lost that wicket! Then goes Vishal to play long innings. He joins Vishy n played sensibly until 9th Over to get a total of 19 runs. Vishy tried a late cutter n was bowled. Tejas went in to join Vishal n they rotated the strike for a bit...atthe end of 13th over drinks break, the partnership was strong n was working for us. Now, talk about communication...well, that is what i'm talking about...let us just talk n communicate...Now this was an issue between Vishal n Tejas. Tejas went for a hard run, Vishal shouted a Yessy No. Tejas lost the wicket for a run out at 29. Manish went in n joined the order. They looked good for someetime with rotating the strike n making some runs. Everything went well until we lost another wicket with a poor communication lapse between the bastman n FOW at 40. This was a ugly situation before FCC again. Darn it, we couldnt afford that. Dharmen went in. Well, we were at a mind set where "is that a right  combination?", "should I send him NOW"?...Went he went in there n joined Manish n Man-O-Man, what a brilliant partnership. The 56 run partnership was Critical for the innings...everything was going just well n then suddenly Dharmen went for a shot...poorly timed n Caught. But, hey he made 29. Good job buddy! Now, Sri joined the order n pulled a good shot but again coordination between Manish failed n Yes No, Yes No...killed the wicket n a dive into the crease in time, Ump called it an out. So, heart in the hand n scratch on the hand, Sri returned home at 96n sent Juber for the bashing up the end overs. Now, things r fine n just a couple of wicket...no rush right??? Manish went out of the crease trying to pull it outside the field n was stumped for 35. Brilliant innings but hey buddy, thought you would pull that 50 easily. Dhiraj n Juber...Yatin n Mrunal...at 106,120,127 n 128 wrapped up the FCC innings.

Well, before the defense, we teamed up n raised the spirit "There 11 players...our 11 players....it is a fight between the equals. Now, we just need to capitalize on 10 mistakes. Catches, fielding, bowling...our strengths n our capabilities". With a heavy confidence lined up on the bowlers, Mrunal was asked to open the bowling lineup. He couldnt control the new ball so well n started poorly with a numerous wides. But, he does knw that the FCC supports him n he has to shoulder the responsibility. He came strong n second good ball was bang on target. He swinged the ball so well n it came right in to the gap between batsman's pads n the bat n swung the Leg stump. Man that was a killer ball!!! But, since the target was low, Dheeraj n Yatin continued the bowling attack . Bowled consistent but we wanted a needed break. At 5th over, Vishal fielded exceptionally well n passed on the ball to Yatin, who was bowling a good over n helped FCC get the second wicket. 18/2. Juber was brought in at 7th over n on the other end was Vishy on 8th Over. They worked very well n got Juicy (Kengs good batsman) n others in constant intervals. Mrunal took a wonderful catch of Juicy and helped FCC get the third wicket at 44/3 n then vishy took another wicket at 59/4. Now, Mrunal again was the catcher. He took a one handed catch n prooved that he works very well in the 30 yard circle. Good work buddy. Dharmen was brought in after the drinks break. 14th over, Exceptional bowling by Dharmen led the kengs batsman to drive the ball uppish into the covers n Sri took (well, I cannot discount myself here), an exceptional catch...LOL! Yes, seriously one credit to me. But, Dharmen was very good. So, the saga continued. Juber n Dharmen pulled exceptional bowling attack, supported well by the fielders n specially Dheeraj for running around the field n never tired n still took a wonderful catch at Long On n helped FCC to be on the top of the game. The last wicket was a catch n as requested by the Captain, Dharmen finished it off, where Tejas took a healthy catch n the Victory was obvious.

3/11 Dharmen, 3/26 Juber, 1/7 Vishy n 1/11 Mrunal n 2 runouts helped FCC gain the victory. Clearly with great stats 29 runs on the bat n 3/11 on the bowling, Dharmen was the man of the match. special accolades to Manish, Juber n Mrunal for their special work in the game, which led us to a victory n will be stone written in FCC n WCL history.


Good job guys n stay healthy for the upcoming games!!! We need to work on our weaknesses n strive for the victory continuously n make it a point that we r the BEST!

Cheers n Regards,