Fairfav VS Pakistan Match Report ( Reported by AJ Parikh)

Fairfax Cricket Club (FCC) v Pakistan, Washington Cricket League, Division 1, Lake Fairfax Park

They ‘fought’ till the end but the ‘fair’ team won

The Report by Aj Parikh

June 9, 2013

FCC 151 for 8 beat Pakistan 149 all out (Raman 5-40)

Pakistan won the toss and chose to bat

As it usually happens, the match with Pakistan was more than a contest of bat and ball. You have to be mentally prepared because there are always words exchanged, a cheap shot here and there, and a sarcastic comment around the corner and of course, there is always a fight waiting to happen. Pakistan batsmen were very cautious to start with, which has become kind of a strategy that people follow at the lake Fairfax ground as the ball stops a bit before coming on the bat and the outfield is very thick so there is no value for the ground strokes. Aj Parikh and Mrunal Patel were scratchy to start with but after the first 2 overs, Aj was making the ball swing which accounted for the first wicket which also started Fight no. 1. But we will stay away from that and talk about the cricket. After the 1st session, game was in balance with Pakistan losing 1 wicket for 45 runs.

            As soon as the second session started and the spin quartet of Kunal, Vishy, Wais and Raman came on, the Pakistan batsman played every over of the spinners which I figured was something like this. Ball by ball details of a spinner’s over.

1.       Defend

2.      Swing and miss

3.      Defend

4.      Swing and try to score ( as Fairfax drops another catch)

5.      Swing and get out

6.      Defend


The overs 20 to 40 were pretty much a wicket fest as Raman rolled his hands and accounted for 5 wickets with some of the batsmen yorking themselves and some of them hitting the ball to the fielders regularly. Pakistan somehow managed to reach the total of 149 at the last ball of the innings, thanks to some generous fielding from Fairfax. For a while, Raman would have thought no one wanted him to take the 5 wicket haul until Prasad took the catch of the last ball of Pakistan’s innings.

      Fairfax was quite relaxed in chasing the total and the players in the “dressing” room were laughing and joking while Vishy and Saadat started the chase. Both of them brought their experience and played out the first 8 overs scoring at 5 an over. After Vishy fell to a straight delivery, Adam came and started with positive shots and thought he would bring us home as he was playing very full confidence and scoring all around the wicket,but a mistime shot brought him back to pavilion,Wais came in and continued to score freely and took the attack to the fast Pakistani bowlers. For the first time this season, I felt the helmet was an important part of the cricket gear as their players tried to “hit” us every now and then. Once Wais and Saadat fell in quick succession, the horror stories of chase started and FCC started to lose wickets at regular intervals. At one stage, the game was looking balanced with 40 runs needed and FCC had 3 wickets in hand. Rain came in and suddenly, the talk of run rates took over the jokes and laughter. Raman was determined to not go home losing and Mehmood was supporting him well. Raman also received some generosity from the Pakistan fielders as they dropped 2 simple catches. Mehmood’s wicket fell with 8 needed and 5 overs left. Still anyone’s game, but all their frontline bowlers were done with their quota of overs and so the part timers came in and Fairfax won the game easily with 2 overs to spare. Aj scored his 3rd not out innings of the season with his scores reading (1*, 4*, 1*). That is a decent record. (Captain K, are you reading?) JJJ

       The next game is against Star at Soccerplex and Adam and Mehmood would be looking forward to repeat the heroics of their last visit. Fairfax would want to field the same team if possible because this was the strongest team that they have this season and the spin quartet is what  will take them to the No. 1 spot.