40-40 Season End for Fairfax Cricket Club

Dear FCC team Members,

On behalf of team Management i would like to Thank each and every member who has contributed this season for 40-40 season/games. We are very proud to have you all on board and would like to have same sort of committment in future as this team belongs to you all.

With this, we are at the end of our 40-40 season ,it is bit disappointing that we did not make it to play offs but we have very good team who is much more capable to compete coming years and am very confident about it.

We also got few new players who really have shown us some great level of committment towards the team and have proved an asset to team.

We as FCC are always looking for new talents so please keep your freinds/family informed if someone is intrested in joining the club.


Kunal Parikh
Fairfax Cricket Club.