Pakistan CC vs FCC - May 18th, 2014

Veni,  Vidi, Vici


He stood tall and focused, the ball went miles high up in the sky, he made a quick glance at the long  on boundary line to adjust that he does not fall back beyond the line, the ball curved itself and changed direction as it started to land, he kept his eyes on the ball and balanced himself enough to catch the ball and then fell down to the ground making sure he was within the boundary.  And, thus, is how the best catch of the T20 Season was exhibited by young FCC lad full of promises and grit to make the difference.

Also, Jersey Express batted like a champion.  His sixes were all through the lines barring one.  I believe he hit 4 of those tall ones.  He defended good ones with a perfect batsman like positioning.  He rotated the strike.  And most importantly he picked and chose which to hit and which not to. I liked the temperament I saw in him. Keep it up JERSEY EXPRESS.  Wicket pe baat karte hai J

His goal is simple for the season.  # Trophy.  He might have been brought in the electronic age, but he shows matured discipline.  He keeps very low profile on the field, but, does his talking by bowling superb lines and batting like a “Sher” ( lion ). Kudos to you Jersey Express.  I would like to see the 3rd ton maker in the FCC line up, very soon, and I would like my wish come true very soon, season 2014 itselfJ

Another one  -  the ball was hit crisply to the deep cover region.  The ball followed a flat trJersey Expressectory. The fielder could not judge if the ball was going to make it to him, or he should reach out for the ball. He made the required adjustements and dived just in time taking the catch inches above the ground.  He might be the old warhorse, but, he does not like to give it up. He takes his cricket very seriously. He bowls a penetrating 4th stump line testing the best of the batsman with his swing and the cuts on the ball fooling most of the enterprised ones.  He is always in the wicket columns and he always at least hits one off the park when batting J Yes, Georgie boy, stand up and take a bow.  FCC has become stronger a cricketer team with your contributions. I am sure you are going to be there when JERSEY EXPRESS’s #Trophy becomes a reality.

Yet another one -  the ball did the same as it did with Georgie boy’s catch but this time it was in the long-on reason.  He ran like 15 yards to make it the ball,  bent down on his kness, still keeping eyes on the ball. He indeed made it to the ball and the ball fell right smack in the middle of his two pouched hands.  For some reason the ball did not stick and fell off.  The catch was not made, but the effort that he put to it was as exemplary as it could be.  This is what he is known for; safest of the hands in the league ever. Thanks KE for all the matches you have turned around manning those long off region. You have proved that it is not just the bat or the ball that makes the difference.  Coach you listening J

V took a sharp one in the slip.  Kiri Kiri took a very good one in the short cover.  All in all it was a good catching show barring few here and there which will always happen in T20.  Reducing those bad ones to the least is the goal. And if we do that, I am sure we will have better opportunity at winning the matches.


FCC is 5 and 1.  We are the # 1 seed. This comes with the responsibility to make sure we win two more remaining matches to seal the 2014 T20 season.  Let us get together in September / October to hammer the last few nails that we need for the trophy in the wall.

T20 ends and T40 starts, now.  The gears need to be changed.  The target total needs to be revised. Patience needs to be prescribed.  And wins are what the doctor has ordered.

Let us go - do this together.  Go FCC!


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N.B  comments are more than welcome, please J


Awesome .... Go FCC. May be we should create page on website to explain all the Writer lingo. ;)

Good work Rajeev. One game at a time.