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Karachi Express and FCC bounce back with a big bang!

After a very disastrous outing at Williamwrit where FCC only lost in papers, but, won the match handsomely defending 146 runs, it was about time the boys gave it back to the Cricket Gods and the  Biased Umpiring.  Karachi Express { KE }, although, not the member of that unjust match, had a point or two to prove. And he did is smashingly built on 5 towering sixes that deserved 12 runs instead of 6.  The Mauritian fielders at the boundary exclaimed in awe while the FCC boys rejoiced in the fact that we got our mojo back for clinical slam bang finishing touch to an innings.  Thanks KE. 

Pakistan CC vs FCC - May 18th, 2014

Veni,  Vidi, Vici


He stood tall and focused, the ball went miles high up in the sky, he made a quick glance at the long  on boundary line to adjust that he does not fall back beyond the line, the ball curved itself and changed direction as it started to land, he kept his eyes on the ball and balanced himself enough to catch the ball and then fell down to the ground making sure he was within the boundary.  And, thus, is how the best catch of the T20 Season was exhibited by young FCC lad full of promises and grit to make the difference.

ICC breaks the FCC winning streak in a thriller

The saying goes victory has many fathers, and, the defeats are orphan. This did not hold water on Sunday, May 4th @ lake Fairlakes cricket ground when arch rivals ICC came to pay a visit to FCC boys. Only that the new ICC make up was far from what the older one was. Only one senior member from the past showed up and the rest were young 20s something lads who played with vim and vigor to snatch away a victory in the penultimate ball of the 20th over.

Season Warmer – Water is on the Kettle now, or, is it?

FCC boys registered their first thumping win of the season at Green Soccerplex ground against the Elitist. The bourgeois were beaten flat and square on a green wicket that WCL president is all go-go and ga-ga over.

Grand Theft '13 - T20 Cricket

Grand Theft ’13 - T20 Cricket

FCC boys can decide which side of the PUNDITS they wish to operate from, and can accordingly choose from a variety of outcome they can perform on a given day. Yesterday, it was truly a grand theft ’13 done in style. Now the WCL pundits (cops) will come back again at us firing bullets by prematurely making UMBC the favorites. One more time FCC boys will go there cool and calm, put the keys in the ignition and speed away like in the most recently sighted Bugatti in the Reston town Center. This time the grand theft was with the guns and not a knife, FCC prepared the battle with the guns in that a formidable team was on the ground to take on the runs challenge.

FCC beats the PUNDITS

They have written us off. They have pronounced the sad early demise ofFCC season and its chances of playoff spot. They have started talking that FCC is no longer a threat on a given weekend day.

 But, then, it is not all TRUE.

FCC boys got together on Saturday last against a threatening mercurylimit and a well-knit Ceylonese team and proved the pundits wrong.

Culture and Tradition

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